Our many years of team experience in selling B2B products and services can guarantee your successful campaign.


One operator can typically reach 20 people on the phone per day. This means roughly 400+ reached contacts from 500+ database per month.


10% – 20% of the reached contacts, depending on the project. When working with existing customers, we will be more successful than contacting new customers.


Re-touching the target group with other campaign, while making use of the contact communication history, can increase the success rate of the original database.




  • Together we define the campaign steps and goals
  • We learn your service offer and together we confirm the benefits to the customer
  • We design a basic script and train our operators
  • We can analyze the status of your CRM database and suggest processes to keep it up to date
  • You choose to use a market segment from our own database or your database



  • We launch the campaign including other supporting tools such as email or SMS communication if needed
  • We continually monitor campaign results and compare them to the plans
  • You can supervise the operator and see for yourself how the prepared communication works
  • If necessary, we can modify the process and retrain our operators
  • You choose how to get the data back. Upload to your CRM or a transfer in the required form


Supporting marketing campaigns

  • We prepare the necessary visuals or graphics
  • We create product or registration microsite
  • We can deliver or help to create a newsletter for a specific campaign
  • We can provide PPC advertising aligned with the campaign


Lead Machine je unikátní služba, která měřitelným způsobem přináší nové obchodní příležitosti



  • Communication based on the value selling methodology
  • Team of specialists in B2B business
  • Experience with direct and indirect sales
  • Communication complemented by other marketing services



Petr Chaloupka

Petr has many years of experience in business, helping him quickly identify the main needs of his clients' sales department, and “translate” them into the right marketing campaign. "Leads" and "Demand Generation" are his mantra. That’s why he likes measurable results that can be evaluated and built on. If you need to analyze your existing or potential clients, Peter is the right person..

Radek Váňa

Before founding the Idealab marketing agency, Radek worked seven years as an editor and chief editor of architectural and lifestyle media. Since 2003, he has been active in PR and communications. He applied the experience acquired as a freelancer in the management of marketing and PR campaigns. In 2009 he founded the Idealab agency.