Unique B2B Telemarketing and Data Analytics


Lead Generation in B2B has many tactics. We focus mainly on telephone sales. But selling is not just about picking up the phone. Data preparation and script preparation are important. And a well-functioning campaign has other components that ensure maximum return on investment.


Segmentace trhu · Definice hodnoty · Příprava úvodního skriptu · Telefonická kampaň · Follow-up email · Reporting

Performance marketing

Datová analytika · Analýza klíčových slov · SEO · Google Data Studio · PPC reklama · Newsletter · Microsite

CRM Management

Analýza CRM databáze · Analýza předchozích kampaní · Nastavení CRM procesů


Communication based on the Value selling methodology

Team of specialists in B2B business

Experience with direct and indirect sales

Complemented by other marketing services