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Communication over the telephone is a great sales and marketing tool. It is well measurable, with a higher success rate than online campaigns. You have closer contact with the client, and you can work with him/her on a regular basis. Telephone communication is not just telemarketing when an operator offers the contacted person the best price on the market if ordered immediately. It is about communicating the value of your product or service.


One operator can typically reach 20 people on the phone per day. This means roughly 400+ reached contacts from 500+ database per month.


10% – 20% of the reached contacts, depending on the project. When working with existing customers, we will be more successful than contacting new customers.


Re-touching the target group with another campaign, while making use of the contact communication history, can increase the success rate of the original database.




  • We launch the campaign including other supporting tools
  • We continually monitor campaign results and compare them to the plans
  • You can supervise the operator and see for yourself how the prepared script works
  • If necessary, we can modify the process and retrain our operators


Campaign conclusion

  • You choose how to get the data back. Upload to your CRM or a transfer in the required form
  • We deliver a final report


Campaign examples

  • Direct arrangement of business meetings
  • Offering additional products or services
  • Invitation to events
  • Surveys
  • Regular updating of CRM database